Your Cell Phone Water And A Sticker

Your Cell Phone Water And A Sticker

Water is a part of our everyday lives but most of us who own electronic devices can readily admit that it is not only the source of live but also the source of some pretty pricey problems.It is every cell phone or blackberry owner’s nightmare: dropping that 400 device into the bathtub or into the pool.

What do you do with it after you drop it into water? How late is too late to save it? And if it can be saved how do you do it? Well if you have a newer cell phone odds are that if you drop it in water you will not be able to get the phone’s warranty to cover the water damage.

It is not covered under most cell phone warranties and this is one reason that you should be especially careful if you plan on getting your phone anywhere near water. The new phones have been equipped with small white stickers both inside the battery compartments and on the circuit board deeper inside the phone.

When the phone gets wet or when it is simply exposed to humidity that is just too high the sticker changes color due to a powdered dye underneath it. When you take your phone to the manufacturer to try and file a claim they tell you that they cannot give you any compensation because the phone has been water damaged even if you have not actually dropped the phone in water. If humidity is too high the sticker trips and you are out of luck.

What can you do to try and remedy this problem? If you live in an area that is subject to pretty high humidity you can take a piece of satin finished scotch tape and place a piece over the sticker on the battery compartment. The problem is getting to the other sticker that is usually on the phone’s circuit board. If you can manage that then hats off to you. If your phone stops working and you need to file a claim remove the tape.

If you do happen to drop your phone in the water get it out in under 20 seconds and remove the power supply completely. Submerge it in a bowl of uncooked rice at least overnight and do NOT try to power on the phone until you are completely certain it is dry. If you put the battery back in and it works congratulations. If not try using it with your AC adapter. If this works all you need is a new phone battery.

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