The Nokia N73 Phone

The Nokia N73 Phone

Out of all the phones I have ever owned the Nokia N73 smartphone is most definitely my favourite it looks good has a ton of useful features it also fits nicely in my pocket thats because the phone is actually one of the smallest phones available on the market today. The N73 is part of nokias N series which was first introduced in 2005 phones in the Nseries are always jam packed with high quality features and the N73 is no exception it is described by nokia as a multimedia computer.

The phones best feature is probably its massive 3.2 mega pixel camera thats ready to use after you slide the lens protector cover off the camera comes complete with with a Carl Zeiss optical lens and auto focus feature this means you always get sharp images for both photos and video pictures can be taken up to the size of 2048×1536 pixels The camera also has a flash with red eye reduction and huge 20x digital zoom capability it can also capture MPEG4 video at 15 frames per second.

The phones screen which is capable of displaying 262144 colours is quite large at 2.4 inches and makes full use of its 240×320 pixels. This means you can actually see what you are doing when your playing games or surfing the web. If you have a friend with the same phone you can also use the Video Calling function and see what there doing.

The N73 comes with a load of software applications pre installed including a selection of games a MP3 music player video and picture galleries stereo FM radio RealPlayer a WAP browser plus a full KHTML web browser and IM client. You can also view Microsoft office documents and PDA files.

The phones menu system is easy to get used to and youll soon find yourself playing some of the free games on it.

I also like this phone for its music capabilities it has stereo speakers and can play music quite loud the phone comes with 42mb of built in memory but this is extendable to 2gb with a memory card meaning you can fit a few of your favourite cds on there as well as MP3s the phone also supports AAC and WMA formats giving you plenty of choice and getting the music on to the phone is easy with Nokias PC suite and USB cable right now the N73 is the best phone Ive had.

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