High Definition Hockey Games!

High Definition Hockey Games!

My spouse is a gigantic hockey fan. He will pay the 40 for the HD edition of the pay per view games whenever they are on. I get a little angry since I think the money is a bit outrageous for a show that only last two hours.

Nonetheless I love my spouse and if he wants HD for his TV viewing…fine. I once asked him why he didn’t want to save 10 and get the regular definition one. He informed me that the picture was so much more colorful and true looking when he watched it on HD.

I decided to examine this for myself since I am an avid watcher of our HDTV. I browsed some of the HD channels and found out that we had HGTV and HD History. I started watching my programs like “House Hunters” and “Blow it up” on those channels instead of the regular ones.

I must admit the HD channels were much more pleasing to the eye on my HDTV than the others were. Everything was so much brighter and the color was so much truer than with the other channels. I tried to go back to the other channels once and I just couldn’t do it.

I craved the better ones! One day my spouse came into the room and without even asking he said “I see you have finally backed down and you’re watching the better picture quality.” I didn’t respond because I knew he was right and I should have let myself see what he meant when he just had to have the fight for 40.

Sometimes you have to listen to your hubby because he truly does know what he is talking about with technology. I am so happy that I backed down I guess it was time. So now that I am all excited about this new TV watching experience my spouse told me something else that stirred me.

On February 17 2009 all broadcasters will be transmitting high quality signals which mean ALL of my shows will look as great as these do. I can view “Desperate Housewives” and “ER” in a completely new way.

Anyway the reason I am writing this is for all of you husbands or wives who haven’t gave these channels a chance. I thought there was no difference at first too but now I am hooked. It’s surprising what technology has done with televisions and I am excited to see what’s in store for us down the road!.

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